The International Symposium on FishCRIME

12-13 October 2015 in Cape Town, South Africa saw nearly 200 delegates from 31 countries participating in the inaugural International Symposium on FishCRIME. The growing realization that illegal fishing is only one aspect of the highly organised, well-financed transnational criminal activities taking place in oceans and seas around the world is leading to new ways of approaching and tackling fisheries crime. 

Intercepting criminal networks and prosecuting those in charge necessitates cooperation, both domestically and transnationally, between fisheries experts and the police, judiciary, customs, tax, port, security and labour authorities to gather and share information and intelligence and bring the criminals to book.

The Symposium provided an opportunity for professionals working in the sector to discuss challenges and cooperation and to explore future strategies for change.

The Symposium Record is available for download HERE.


International Symposium on FishCRIME Record now available

The SADC Action Plan on IUU Fishing adopted by the SADC Technical Committee.
April 2015 – Mark Ssemakula (NFDS Project Officer) was in Johannesburg, South Africa last week for the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Task Force Meeting on illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing and the SADC Technical Committee Meeting on Fisheries.

African Court Convicts Captain of Renegade Ship in Illegal Fishing Case

October 2015 - A São Tomé and Príncipe court on Monday convicted the captain of a fishing ship, the Thunder, and two crew members on several charges tied to illegal fishing, a prosecutor in the case said. The verdict was the culmination of a dramatic, 10,000-mile chase from Antarctica to the Gulf of Guinea.