Prof. Hennie van As

Speaking On: Options for change and tackling FishCRIME

It may seem that the criminal onslaught is increasing, but a kite rises against the wind”

Professor Hennie van As is a Professor of Public Law and a Director at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Port Elizabeth, South Africa. He is responsible for the University Law Clinic which provides legal advice and assistance to the poor in civil matters, the Refugee Rights Centre that provides legal advice and assistance to refugees, the Centre for Law in Action which provides consultancy services to all spheres of government, mostly in the drafting of legislation and the implementation, enforcement and administration of legislation. The Centre also provides training in the fields of criminal justice, management, local government law, local government finances and governance. Professor van As has also developed a number of training programs, mostly focused on municipal health law, environmental law, municipal law enforcement and the improvement of local governance. He is currently busy with the establishment of a Fisheries Law Enforcement Academy and the registration of 2 new qualifications, one of which is a master’s in Local Government Law.

Bio facts

Position: Director, Law in Action Institute, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa

Session: Change