Sandy Davies

Chairing: Changes Session

“This symposium gives us an opportunity to open our eyes to the illegal activities occurring in the fisheries value chain and to understand better the links between these illegal or criminal activities. By pooling our experiences and knowledge, sharing our opportunities and challenges, we can work to find ways to stop this destruction and devastation.”

Sandy’s work in fisheries started in a fish processing factory in Canada where she witnessed some of the more shady sides of the business. Later, based in the Falkland Island, she spent four years, mostly at sea, monitoring and watching the industry at work and the catches they took. Sandy then shared her time between Aberdeen in Scotland and Lake Kainji in Nigeria, where she completed her MSc studies before joining DFID to work in international fisheries development. She has worked and lived in Africa for the last twenty years focusing on fisheries management and governance, sustainable development and regional and international integration. Sandy is a founder member of Stop Illegal Fishing and she has been part of the team behind the FishCRIME symposium.


Bio facts

Position: Stop Illegal Fishing, Secretariat, Botswana